A Guide to the Best Bamboo Pillows

Are you tired of not being able to breathe during the night? Or how about constantly flipping your pillow to find a satisfying temperature? Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, we have reviewed a pillow for you.

Bamboo pillows eliminate dust mites and other bacteria causing allergies. They are recommended for people who suffer from asthma, lung problems, and snoring. Below is a chart of the bamboo pillows that are the most highly rated and change people’s lives by allowing them to sleep comfortably.

Instead of buying a product you do not know about, have a look at the ultimate guide below to see a full description of the pillows along with reviews. This will help lead you to the perfect pillow for the most relaxing sleep!

The Best Bamboo Pillows of 2020

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The Advantages of Bamboo Pillows

Bamboo pillow 1Bamboo pillows come in various shapes and sizes and provide amazing benefits for all kinds of people. They are also made in a wide array of comfort and softness levels ranging in firmness and softness. Whether you are a front, side, or back sleeper, who prefers a soft or firm pillow, there is a bamboo pillow that is just right for you!

  • Organic bamboo pillows – Switching to eco-friendly bamboo pillows will make you happy and healthy. Bamboo comes from a natural, organic source that allows material to breathe better. This means cooler temperatures on your skin to avoid having to flip your pillow throughout the night. Fully sustainable and non-toxic, you are doing yourself and the environment a huge favor by switching to bamboo pillows.
  • Toxin-free harvesting – The process of harvesting bamboo excludes pesticides and toxins used while producing cotton. While resting your head, bamboo pillows offer you the guarantee that the plant was grown without the use of hazardous toxins.
  • More comfortable sleeping temperatures – A large percentage of the population flips their pillow and average of three times a night before falling asleep. Unlike other pillows, bamboo pillows keep their users at a comfortable body temperature while sleeping and are also superior at absorbing moisture.
  • Dust mite and bacteria resistant – Pillows containing bamboo resist bacteria and dust mites better than other pillows on the market. This fact alone it makes it worthwhile to own because you can rest your head in a place free of bacteria and other allergens. Because they are hypoallergenic, bamboo pillows help people with asthma, allergies, snoring, and other breathing problems sleep better.
  • One of a kind comfort – Because bamboo pillows come in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can easily choose which one is right for you. Throughout our guides, comparison charts, and reviews, you can pinpoint what would be the best option for you and your sleeping needs.

The Care of your Bamboo Pillows

washWe advise consumers to thoroughly read all directions and proper care labels that come with all purchased bamboo bedding. For the ultimate satisfaction with your bamboo products, we suggest precisely following instructions. Please take into consideration that laundering your bamboo bedding might be different the first time, and not have such specific precautions every other time. Each product is unique and may have slightly different care instructions.

  • Carefully remove the packaging from your bamboo pillow. Refrain from using any sharp objects that may puncture the pillow.
  • Once the bamboo pillow is out of the packaging it may look deformed. Allow 1-2 days for it to assume its normal shape and size.
  • Before sleeping on the bamboo pillow, allow it to air out for up to a day while it eliminates any odors caused from packaging or foam. Remember, this product is made from bamboo and is made to naturally breathe. The smell will go away after it airs out.
  • If the pillow does not feel right at first, continue using it because it could take up to a few weeks to adjust to.
  • Most bamboo pillows come with a removable cover. To wash the cover, use the machine at a warm setting and use a tumble dry on low heat. The pillow itself is only hand washable and hung until dried.
  • Depending on the type of bamboo pillow purchased, you can adjust it to the thickness you prefer. Simply plump up the pillow to distribute the foam to your preference.